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Sell Your House in Greenville Fast with a Zero-Dollar Budget

Although many times you can make money when selling your home which is especially true in the current housing market, there are also numerous expenses that can quickly eat away your profits. The wise home seller will make use of a paper, pencil and calculator or an Excel spreadsheet to figure out the best financial options.

Major expenses Involved in Selling Your House in Greenville, SC.

Real Estate Commission

Your realtor must make a living too, right? Typically, a realtor charges a commission fee of 5 percent to 6 percent of the selling price. That may not initially sound like much, but it adds up quickly, and there are ways to avoid this fee. Read on for the details.

Home Inspection

Although this is an optional step and fee, many home sellers want to spend the $400-$600 for this inspection in order to find out if there are major problems with the property before taking the time to list it, show it, and get an offer only to find out from the buyer’s inspection that there are hidden repair costs into the thousands of dollars.

Home Repair

Most people know that if they are trying to sell an older home, it will need some remodeling to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Often realtors will suggest updates to the kitchen and bathroom areas, new appliances etc. In addition, there may be hidden structural damage, leaking crawl spaces, or cracks in the foundation that can cost a lot of money to repair.

Closing Costs

Attorney fees, transfer fees, title insurance and more can all add up at closing lessening your profit on the sale.

How to Avoid the Expenses and Fees When Selling Your Upstate Property.

If a home’s value is high enough and the remodel or repair needs are few to none, selling through a realtor may make the most financial sense. Your calculator or spreadsheet should help you know the wise choice. If running the numbers indicates that these expenses outweigh the benefits, there is an option to sell your property fast in Greenville with Upstate Home Buyers.

How Upstate Home Buyers Can Help You Sell Your Home in the Greenville Area.

Upstate Home Buyers work with investors who have the time, finances, and remodeling teams to make the necessary updates to your property. They can take the risk to do so and even wait to sell it if needed because this is our business. Your business is to be able to go on with your life with a reasonable quick cash payout for your property.  Let us help you take the burden and risk out of selling your home.  Upstate Home Buyers can buy your house with no cost to your for inspections, closing costs, realtor fees, or repairs. We buy your house in the Upstate fast at no cost to you.  You can learn more about our process here.

Selling a Home in the Upstate With No Money, and No time? No problem.

If you are in a hurry to sell your property, have no budget for repairs, no desire for a lengthy selling process, then Upstate Home Buyers may be a great option for you. Someone on our team of professional home buyers would be happy to listen to your situation, help you make assessments on your property, fill in the blanks on your spreadsheet, and see what the wisest financial option is for selling your house in the Greenville area.

If the numbers make sense for you to sell at a better profit even after spending the extra dollars in fees, we promise we will not pressure you to sell to us. In fact, we have qualified professional realtors in our network that we can gladly connect you with who will help you get top dollar for your property. Either way, you best interest in selling your home is our first concern.

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